What is Ireland Reads?

A national day to celebrate reading.

On February 25th we’re inviting people of all ages to get reading.

One minute, ten minutes, an hour, or more – it doesn’t matter how long you read for or what you read!

Why? Because taking some time for yourself to relax and do the things you enjoy (like reading) is important to help look after your mental wellbeing.

Take the pledge below and see how many minutes people all over Ireland will be reading for on February 25th.

Ireland Reads is a public libraries initiative, in partnership with Healthy Ireland, publishers, booksellers, authors and others.

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Take the Pledge

Pledge today to squeeze in a read on 25 February.

Just let us know how many hours or minutes you would like to pledge to read for below.

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Ireland has pledged to read for 240 minutes on 25 February.


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If you would like to pledge reading time on behalf of your class or school, you can email school.irelandreads@lgma.ie

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Ireland has pledged to read for 240 minutes on 25 February.

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Find a Book


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The Open Door Book of Poetry (Open Door) by Niall MacMonagle

The Luminaries

by Eleanor Catton

If you squeeze in 70 minutes a day, you can read this book in approximately 24 days

If you squeeze in 0 hours and 10 minutes a day, you can read this book in approximately 166 days

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Our Partners & Ambassadors

Thanks to our incredible partners and ambassadors who are helping to get Ireland reading for Ireland Reads!

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Joe Duffy
Emma Donoghue
Sebastian Barry
Áine Ní Ghlinn
Liz Nugent
Rick O'Shea
Melatu-Uche Okorie
Dave Rudden
Colm Toibin
Sarah Webb
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Rick O’Shea

Broadcaster and Presenter of RTÉ’s The Book Show

Rick O'Shea

The last few years, more than others, are the years we need reading in our lives most.

For me it’s always been a brilliant way to escape, keep my mental health on an even keel, learn new information and developments that change my view of the world, fall in love with incredible characters, meet old friends having new adventures, experience pasts and even futures that I couldn’t otherwise, and even travel when I haven’t been able to!

I am thrilled that the Ireland Reads initiative is happening and I hope it kick-starts reading all year round for you!

Daniel Mulhall

Irish Ambassador to the United States of America and Author

Daniel Mulhall

Ireland is a country of books and readers. Our writers help reveal to us who we are as a people. I have been a dedicated reader all my life, deriving pleasure and enlightenment from a diverse set of books – novels, poetry, history and biography.

For me, books provide a window on the world, bringing me to places, introducing me to ideas and exposing me to emotions I might not otherwise be able to access. When I open a book, I get a buzz of anticipation for what waits to be discovered there.

I support ‘Ireland Reads’ because I want to encourage others to plug into the knowledge and enjoyment that reading brings.

Áine Ní Ghlinn

Laureate na nÓg (2020-2023)

Áine Ní Ghlinn

Osclaíonn leabhar doras na samhlaíochta, doras isteach i saol ina mbuaileann páistí le cairde nua – cairde na samhlaíochta. Sa domhan seo tá saoirse ag páiste a bheith ina bhleachtaire nó ina asarlaí, ina chailleach nó ina thaiscealaí. Tá saoirse aige nó aici a rogha rud a dhéanamh sa domhan samhailteach seo. Faoi láthair ní féidir linn dul ag taisteal sa bhfíorshaol. Tá srianta na pandéime an-dian ar pháistí. Taobh istigh de leathanaigh an leabhair, áfach, tá na srianta sin imithe. Tabhair tacaíocht don bhfeachtas Éire ag Léamh. Tabhair saoirse na samhlaíochta dár bpáistí.

Liz Nugent


Liz Nugent

A love of books and reading was the greatest gift my father ever bestowed on me. Stories are available and free (libraries!) to everyone.

Through books, I have travelled all over the world, and to other worlds. I have solved and committed ghastly crimes. I have learned about great historical figures and little-known obscure ones. I have learned to cook and, if I wanted, I could learn to assemble a light aircraft or play a tuba. I have expanded my vocabulary and looked forward to bedtime and have laughed or cried myself to sleep, depending on the pages on my pillow.

Books are my solace and my escape and we have all needed one or the other at many stages of our lives.

Dave Rudden


Dave Rudden

It is my great pleasure to be an ambassador for the 2022 ‘Ireland Reads’ campaign.

As a former teacher turned author, I have first-hand experience of the connective power of reading at any age. The magic of being transported to other worlds and other times is one thing, but what I find far more important is that very particular teleportation of stepping into other people’s heads.

Any reading is good reading, because reading reminds you that we all have our own plotlines – our own battles, our own triumphs, our own losses. I think there’s no lesson more important than that.

Sarah Webb


Sarah Webb

Above everything, I’m a reader.

Books and reading mean so much to me. I could live without a lot of things, but not without books. They inform me, entertain me, help me step into other people's shoes, make me wonder. They are there when I'm well, when I'm sick, when I'm rested, when I'm tired.

They are my dear friends, my loyal companions. From old friends like Judy Blume’s Summer Sisters (a wonderfully immersive summer holiday book) or Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (one of the best books about creativity out there), to shiny new children’s novels, I love them all! 

Joe Duffy


Joe Duffy


Colm Tóibín

Colm Tóibín, author and Laureate for Irish Fiction

Colm Tóibín

Reading is done alone and in silence, but the sense that books are also enjoyed by others and discussed widely makes reading communal and a rich part of a shared culture. The Ireland Reads campaign responds to the impulse readers feel to talk about the books they love and pass on the experience to others. The pandemic was a good time for readers; no one asked us to be socially distant from a book. But it was also a time when readers could feel isolated, in need of others to discuss literature, to make the experience of reading deeper and more textured. This makes the Ireland Reads campaign even more essential.

Marian Keyes


Marian Keyes

I was an anxious, lonely child, but when I read my first Enid Blyton book (‘The Twins at St Claire’s’) my mind was blown. Suddenly, I had a gateway to another world – to infinite worlds. I was able to escape the discomfort of being me by immersing myself in the lives of others..

Since then, reading has been my saviour. No matter what was going on for me, books comforted me, befriended me, made me laugh, made me think, gave me a breathing space and cocooned me from the world.

The ability to read is my superpower.

Melatu-Uche Okorie


Melatu-Uche Okorie

I love reading because it gives me heroes. I also get to go to different places in my mind's eye, fall in love, be sad, get angry, laugh at other people's idiosyncrasies, all in a matter of minutes.

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